Old spice actor dating

John Bennett Perry has enjoyed a diverse and successful career that spans over the last few decades. Make sure to follow IMDb on Facebook and send your questions here.

Born a natural entertainer in Williamstown, Massachussetts, he started a band with his brother Tony and enjoyed local success.

"I just tried to create this lovable, oblivious [buffoon], who's a little bit smug," he said. We're not shocked at all.) The Old Spice body wash audition was like any other except ... the night before, he called a college buddy, quarterback Jake Plummer, most recently of the NFL's Denver Broncos, to shoot the breeze.

(OK, Isaiah didn't say "buffoon." Nobody says "buffoon" except maybe for the guy on the horse. In a lovable way, of course.) "But he really just wants to help." Mustafa talked to the Ministry from the set of the ABC series "Castle," where his FBI agent character was soon to be put to work "sweeping the building." It was a job he booked right before the ad hit -- though since then, he says, he's been getting a lot more opportunities for work. Jake wasn't home, but Jake's answering machine was -- so Isaiah, schooled in improvisation, did an over-the-top mini performance of the script he had in hand.

His acting roots were firmly planted in New York where he starred in many Broadway plays and musicals. Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson Thursday, Nov.



Playing in theaters while couples hit "Valentine's Day" and "Avatar" last weekend hasn't hurt either.My daily thing was to go look in the morning and go, ' Whoa! ' " (At last check, this "manmercial" was pushing toward 2 milllion views, not counting about that number of views on unofficial versions as well; Mustafa can also be seen as the smoking-jacket-clad host of Old Spice's website.) What more should you know about Isaiah Mustafa? And if that "he's taken" thing isn't made very clear? Hmm.) Thanks in part to her, Mustafa experienced what he says has been his only in-real-life fan recognition so far.Running at the last minute the day before Valentine's Day, he said, he hit up Burke Williams to snag her a gift certificate for a spa package."I just did it for him, and I did it extra big, and then when I hung up, I thought, ' Maybe I should try it that way and see if they like it.' " They did.

(They aren't alone.) It then took three days of shooting, many dozens of takes and an astonishingly tiny amount of digital special effects to capture a spot that takes Mustafa from a shower to a boat to a horse on the beach in one flowing shot. If you're interested in such things, a "making of" video interview by tech guru Leo La Porte with creative guys Craig Allen and Eric Kallman is embedded below."There was a couple standing behind me, and as I'm leaving, the stops me," Mustafa said. Getting a "yep, that's me" in reply, "He said, ' Dude, that's some funny stuff, keep it coming!



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    Finally, the British decided that they could no longer rule over India; they formally relinquished its Indian colony in 1947.

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    Though Emeril will tell you otherwise, the way to a woman's heart is actually through her ears.

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    "He flew to New York City to do press (for his new show, 'The Reinhardts: Family Comes First') but knew she would be here and they would get together," the source added.

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    It'll be pretty special."It's so secretive, Wade has told Union not to pack for the trip."It's going to be hot," he teased. 30 in Miami at sunset at the lavish Chateau Artisan estate.

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