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This is a dating website dedicated to providing a wide range of New Zealand contacts. You'll find males, females, couples, transgendered who seek friendship, romance and fun times. A safe and secure environment, the site administrators monitor and manage the site 24/7.

This dating service is 100% Kiwi owned and operated!

But it's like, the Bachelor was dating 23 women at once - there's such a massive double standard.

So it's a strange thing to deal with.""There's definitely a double standard when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Like with - I never watched the show, but I've seen little snippets of it on Facebook, and there was a big massive uproar because that Naz girl had another guy on the go or something and people were just outraged.

Our New Zealand company details are listed on our terms of use.

To view profiles, use the messageboards or send email to other members you must become a member of NZDating.

Creating an account does not automatically place you in the search listings and your details such as your real name, email address and date of birth are never displayed to other members.

propelled her sexual history into the headlines, but Kiwi Loaan Smith says she's willing to do it all again.

Smith, who admitted during her episode (which screens in New Zealand tonight, Monday, on TV2) to sleeping with 40 men, is so sure about that she's even signed on for the upcoming local version of the show - albeit not off her own bat."I have applied for the New Zealand show as well," she reveals, before adding as an afterthought, "I don't think I'm allowed to say that. I didn't just like, decide to apply for it." Smith is putting her hand up for another televised first date despite enduring what she calls an "absolutely horrendous" response following her on-screen confession.

When you are ready it is easy to create a member profile searchable by other members.We do not sell email addresses, and do have a comprehensive privacy policy for your protection.


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