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Merchant and Simonian did their best to differentiate themselves from their pop peers, and some moments were legitimately strange.Introducing the deeply bizarre “Farrah Fawcett Hair,” Merchant proclaimed the song was about celebrating, “Things in life that are undeniably good — like Nutella, and Daniel Day Lewis.” And when the show appeared to be over, Merchant cautioned the crowd, “We’re not done yet, we want to dance with you guys.” Sure enough, the guys dropped their instruments, a remix of “Safe and Sound” roared over the speakers, and they hit the stage to spastically groove along.


But the crowd didn’t seem to care about anecdotes — they just wanted to dance. pop duo Capital Cities, the openers/co-headliners, had little trouble pumping up the crowd thanks to their inescapable summer electro-pop jam “Safe and Sound.” Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian are former jingle writers who have seen their smash song infiltrate pop radio and, coincidentally, commercials.Calling the song "totally primal," Fitzpatrick said:"It's sexual, it's about desire.


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    Union gushes, "We're BFFs…It's just sort of awesome.""It's all the same. And it sounds like their anniversary plans are pretty awesome, too."I'm taking her somewhere nice, somewhere neither of us have been," the NBA star said earlier this week at Samsung's launch of the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5.

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    After soaring to great heights with her debut serial Bidaai, Parul Chauhan went missing only to join another show called Pratha after a year-long break. Shows start off with a romantic storyline but tend to transform in to family dramas later on.

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