Nod32 2 7 not updating

There is a thread on Wilders Security but not as many posts as I would expect.


After I got mine to update on both PC's it again became stuck on that update, so in the end I have relented and updated to NOD32 Antivirus V3.0 for 2yrs.

Overall I think it's a very good program, and am happy to pay for it.

this server was the only one it found or could connect to properly: it required a password. And do you consider a week in this day age on Technology to be acceptable of possibly being exposed to a virus either from the net or via an email or download file etc? Mine has done this two times in the last couple off weeks, I rebooted and it updated straight away both times. I have just pressed the update button 20-30 times and I have managed to get a connection to a server finally. It seems that automatic updates does not work as I just got a pop up in windows saying my signuture database was out of date.

It could be a update server thing, i actually thought it wasn't getting out of my network, i searched couldn't find anything recent about it in wilders or here, which led me to believe it was my problem till i saw this thread. After pressing the update button a number of times I finally downloaded the most recent update 3341.


Anyone else noticing that their NOD32 PCs are not updating?

Ive had a few calls now from clients, seems to be widespread.


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