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The detective will likely contact you to ask additional questions and discuss the case.

Police Reports A police report is one way to document the abuse and can be the first step toward filing criminal charges.

You will be asked detailed questions about the incident and about any witnesses and the perpetrator.

Once you file the report, you become a witness in the state’s case against the perpetrator.

It’s best to file as soon as possible after an incident.Typically, you will need to go to the police station to file a report, or an officer can be dispatched to you.Keep in mind that proceeding with a police report or a protection order is a personal choice, and you should only take these steps if you feel safe doing so.But first it’s important to understand what these documents are and what they can do for you.

You may be able to file the report by phone by calling your area’s non-emergency number. If it’s been a while since the incident happened, you’ll need to bring as much evidence as possible (ex. Provide as much information as you can as clearly as possible, and be sure to express if you feel threatened or have any fears about your partner.

Anyone can file a police report, regardless of age (but if you are under 18, the police might contact your parent/guardian).


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