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This guide started off as being one of those projects.

I don't think that this would happen if I were to take on a project like a SMG2 guide, but there's a good chance that I would need to turn my attention elsewhere, which would make me sigificantly less likely to finish the job.

However, as one might expect, a great deal of those hits were received within the first few weeks, even days, of the release.

In addition, I basically devoted the entire two days after buying the game to writing the guide: I woke up in the morning, and skipped all of my classes for those two days in order to play the game, and write down everything that I was doing.

I'll admit that I enjoyed writing the guide, but my issue is that if SMG2 comes out in Q1 or Q2 2010, I will more than likely not have the luxury of being able to just skip my classes to play it.



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