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The contents and the direction will depend on those present. Prior to every Death Café I find myself observing the same thoughts going through my mind. The participants shared different experiences and thoughts, which in various ways created resonance.

This death cafe will be organized as a group conversation of those present. It was an evening with thoughtful and touching stories while we all ate cake and drank coffee or tea. (Eastern standard time) No cost Thank you to Westminister United Church for hosting their 2nd Death Cafe. Please come if you want to discuss any aspect of death and ...

Crispell will never forget what they said after the biopsy: “Prepare for the worst.” He took the next two years to be her full-time caretaker.

Will they experience a sense of resonance with the conversation? It is difficult to have these conversations in an environment which is open and inviting, which is one of the ...

For me, it is a joy being part of the Death Café movement, primarily because it provides an alternative forum for people to talk about all things death, dying and the afterlife.

(GMT) A £3 donation is requested to cover printing and other admin costs. Sponsors are the organizations that provide us space: Congregation Beth El in Harrisonburg, and Temple House of Israel in Staunton.

This will be a group conversation, directed by those present. Quiet evening with talk about personal thoughts and experiences.


(EST) FREE This part of a series of Death Cafes in the Northeast Kingdom and the second one in Peacham. I am wondering what will happen if it gets completely dark. Where I am is on Curacao, for a 30-day rehab at the Jellinek Retreat, a serious attempt at sobriety. Anything raised beyond covering costs will be donated to Death I'm running a Death Cafe having had a great experience at one during Dying Matters Death awareness week earlier in the year. I find myself swimming in the Caribbean Sea, an hour before dusk. However this is completely voluntary - the discussion we will have is the most important thing.


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