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We can’t learn about this from our family or from school, our culture doesn’t allow it,” she admits.

But the magazine had its licence immediately revoked, the first since the end of military rule.

Editor Ko Oo Swe admits the first issue of Nhyot raised many eyebrows, but said his magazine was aimed more towards educating readers about sex than titillating them.

But Zin Mar, a 22-year-old accountant, says she can’t wait to see the next edition.

“We need a magazine like Nhyot to spread knowledge.

Public health experts say that only by openly discussing sex can the spread of diseases be stopped.



It accused the magazine of breaching its licence as a fashion publication by printing sexually explicit articles and photos.

Official estimates put the number of Burmese with HIV/AIDS at 200,000, but in reality the number is said to be much more because of prostitution and injecting drug users. Burma is still a conservative society compared to neighbouring Thailand, and many are shy to talk about sex or HIV, or even to read about it in magazines.


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