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"The language was really what [drew me to the project, based on the Amos Oz book], his obsession with words and the way words are connected in Hebrew, which has this incredible poetry and magic," she says. I feel like there’s some people who become prominent and then it’s out in the foreign press. "I don’t see why not to be forgiving to someone who is, I mean, someone who’s trying to change," she says. "I was very unhappy to be included in those emails, and I told Ryan so," says Portman. Love and intellectualism is their sort of way." , but says: "I would love to. I’m very excited that they’re making them, of course. And great people [are] doing it." She adds: "I really liked all the people I worked with. My guilty pleasure is cooking shows, and everyone was like, ' Oh my God, just watch French 4. Portman has one 3-year-old son, Aleph, who’s now attending kindergarten in Paris. "I’d be thrilled if I was lucky enough to have more," she says. Portman produced the film — then lost director Lynne Ramsay days before the shoot, and subsequently saw her co-star Jude Law exit the movie. I got there one week before we were supposed to start, in Santa Fe, and it seemed like there had been stuff going on that I had sort of been sheltered from.Natalie Portman is many things: an Oscar-winning actress, a mother, a fearless collaborator.


The sequel to 2011's surprisingly effective "Thor," which saw the Norse God of Thunder (and, apparently, superhero), played by the rugged Chris Hemsworth, displaced on Earth after enraging his father (Anthony Hopkins). He also got to stomp around and wonder aloud what coffee was. In "Thor: The Dark World," though, it's Portman's turn to feel uncomfortably out of place.As Jane Foster, a brilliant scientist who is dealing with anomalies in the space-time continuum the heartache of her otherworldly boyfriend leaving for galaxies unknown.You didn't come back for "Avengers." Was that always the plan? He's so fun and funny and smart and talented and he's just phenomenal. I mean, I was up for wherever the story is going to take us. Danny and David I got to work with quite a lot and are awesome. That you'd sit that one out and come back for "Thor 2"? I was very out of place, but it's very helpful because she is the only Earthling there. What was working with Tom Hiddleston like and how was shooting that scene? And it was so great to slap him because he really let me go for it and always had a cheeky response and punctuated it well. Was there any part of you that just wanted your character to die? Have they teased you as to where your character is headed? I know very, very soon, before shooting what the story is. He's a great, great, great man and really had a lot of impact on me in terms of what filmmaking could be. Anything he feels is right for the story, I'm thrilled with.


So you thought Natalie Portman was just another Hollywood actress? The Harvard grad is a multilingual expat who now lives in Paris with her husband and son. Portman was born in Israel and spent the first three years of her life there before moving to America. Since Portman moved to Paris with her husband, dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, she has been TV-free. She says it's time to forgive fashionista John Galliano. "You’re kind of an outsider, and I think that’s what makes you. Asked why Ramsay left, she says, "I’m as mystified as I think everyone was, and it was pretty devastating. And yeah, it was really, really difficult, and we were lucky that [director] Gavin [O’Connor] came on so quickly. I saw her like the week before, but on the first day, no. "I’ve been to Paris so much in my life that I felt [at first] like it’s very similar, and then when you live in a place you start realizing how culturally different we are, deeply culturally different." Asked in what way, she says: "Oh, in millions of ways.Here are some of the things that might surprise you about the 33-year-old Oscar winner. She really loves the language, which she speaks in her directorial debut, . She makes no bones about the fact she supported Israel’s Labor Party, not recently re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "I’m very much against Netanyahu," she says. I am very, very upset and disappointed that he was re-elected. However, I don’t — what I want to make sure is, I don’t want to use my platform [the wrong way]. The former Dior fashion designer was persona-non-grata in the fashion world after making a drunken, anti-Semitic rant. The actress-director has lived in Israel, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Cambridge, Mass. I can only imagine something very difficult was going on for her, and it was devastating." 8. The head of Relativity Films added her name and email to an ultra-pro-Israel email chain discussing what was going on in the Gaza Strip. I feel like this country has a lot of religion and a lot of freedom around that; and there, the religion is almost like, love.


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