Mr schuester and rachel dating updating software on iphone 3


Will announces to the New Directions that he’d like them to be the entertainment at the reception and asks Finn to sing for him, in lieu of giving his best man speech.( That’s great that you want your students to perform, but come on Will — open up that wallet and pay for a deejay.But I get it, you were confused and lonely and I’m sure that knowing that Brody and I are living together, it set you off.” To which Finn snaps, “Not everything is about you.” Rachel advises her former flame to channel his acting skills, keep his mouth shut and be the best best man he can for Mr. ( Oh my God it’s only been two minutes and this episode is already amazing!) Emma’s inner anguish is pouring out as she is trying to figure out the seating chart for the wedding, when Finn enters her office.Emma is in a full-blown OCD panic and tells Finn that he needs to “get over it” and pretend like nothing happened.“Look, when I get on that alter and I make my solemn vow for the second, and I hope the very last time, standing right behind my husband will be his best man.Currently writing my thank you notes to cupid for bringing these two together for Valentine’s Day.Who needs love when you can obsess over a fictional couple that lives in your TV screen, amiright?

I get that you’re freaking the eff out right now Emma, but I’ve just got to say it: you didn’t look that upset the second after Finn’s lips touched your last week.

Let the kids enjoy your wedding.) RELATED: ‘Glee’ Recap: Slutty Barbie And Shirtless Men Jarley is walking down the hall and Marley is looking like she’s about to pee her panties with excitement.


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