Midsummer night dating

Jump to articles or comments Having conquered the Fringe with a variety of the Bard's classics, Magnificent Bastard Productions is bringing an unseasonal offering to Edinburgh's Christmas.

A Midsummer Night's Dream – despite being full of inappropriate dating, dubious chemical…

After 12 LGBT female characters were killed off on different US TV shows in one month, we've earned a happy ending.

echnically, it isn't the first time that the Queen of the Fairies has been found in a Sapphic clinch - a 90s West End production featured Dawn French's Bottom catching the eye of Jemma Redgrave's Titania, leaving more than one critic hot under the collar and reminding everyone that French was still playing Bottom as a man (no lesbians here, no siree).

Killing off King Theseus in the service of a lesbian happy ending is something of a feminist triumph - in Shakespeare's original; he conquers the Amazons and takes their queen, Hippolyta, as his bride.

No word yet on how, exactly, this embodiment of colonialist patriarchy meets his makers - but I'm hoping its some kind of Amazonian revenge killing spree.

In 2016, this shouldn't be groundbreaking - not with same sex marriage legalised and the number of out politicians on the rise.


A lovely winter tale, set in the middle of summer, told by Magnificent Bastard Productions.

Yes, this is an entirely serious Shakespeare play, but yes, one cast member is entirely shit-faced.



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