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Getting out and doing fun things on a regular basis drastically increases your chances of meeting interesting men. Because single men go out for the same reasons you do: to enjoy themselves and to meet women.

Have you ever wanted to take a mountain biking class, attend a masquerade ball at the art museum, or go to a baseball game, but didn’t feel comfortable going alone?Your female buddy acts as a source of motivation and support, and with her, you’ll feel less nervous or conspicuous at a social event than you would by yourself.And unless you happen to have a parade of cute, single men marching through your office, apartment building, or yoga class on a regular basis, your odds of meeting Mr. So you’ve probably wondered: Where do I go to meet men?And is there a way to meet men that’s less pressured, more natural, and more fun? And the key ingredient to make it happen is to bring along another woman!

Let’s face it: dating is tough, and will challenge even the most confident woman.Who hasn’t felt ill at ease on a date with a man you hardly know, or felt too intimidated to strike up a conversation with that hottie at your gym?


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    It was just a slow set-in of us not being the match that we used to be.

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