Matriarchal dating

Note that the differences in degree of patriarchy and matriarchy as variables would affect the degree and kind of changes we would see.

Furthermore, are there any other options outside of a matriarchal/patriarchal hierarchy?

To mark International Women’s Day on Friday, we profile the world’s matriarchies.

THE MOSUO, CHINA Deep in south-west China lies Lugu Lake, a place known as the Kingdom of Women.

The problem is the sexualization of the female form for the male gaze, and the attitude of male entitlement to any and all female orifices that that viewpoint breeds, because then we end up with the broken world we're in where it's the woman's job to keep herself from getting raped, as opposed to the man's simple task of not being a rapist.)Seeing that gender is a social construct, whereas sex is more a biological/physiological/physical existence, and there are intersex people, it could be possible to move away from a matriarchal/patriarchal society because it seems to me like those two structures exist as long as we remain adamant in clinging to only two genders as being representative of the entire sexual spectrum for humanity.

Did you know there’s a tribe where men suckle their babies and the country where every woman once downed tools for a day?

I'm going to answer because I was asked to answer this question, and I figure it's better late than never to hop on board this train.

To address the issue of switching from a weak patriarchy to a strong matriarchy, one conseqence that I can imagine would maybe be switching from patronymic to matronymic naming conventions for surnames.

(In a rape-free world, a woman could walk around naked and worry about being cold, but not have to worry about getting raped.I don't think it helps to slut-shame women based on what they happen to be wearing, because it's not what she's wearing that is the problem.


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