Martin guitar serial dating

These archtop guitars are included within the matrix below as well.

Mandolins previously produced in Nazareth, PA between 19, in New York between 18, and in Mexico (Backpacker Series) between 19. In 1825, Martin left Stauffer and returned to Germany, his birthplace.

Do you own a Martin Guitar or are you looking to buy an older Martin Guitar and want to verify the model number and the date of it's build? These number include all Martin Guitars, but do not include Mandolins, Basses and Electric Guitars. For most Martin Acoustic Guitars with a round sound hole, both the serial number and the model number are stamped on the head or neck block, inside the instrument.

All models are included in these numbers and Martin used a very logical consecutive numbering system along with model number stamping to eliminate a lot of confusion.

So we have listed the year of manufacture, the starting serial number for that year and the ending serial number for that year and the total number of instruments constructed during that year.


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