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In the mid- and late-1910s, many African Americans from the southern United States fled to northern cities, including Hartford, looking to escape the hatred and oppression of the South.In Hartford, white residents had largely ignored their black neighbors, but now, with the black population doubling, tensions were beginning to flare.She is celebrated for her commitment to the fight for equal rights and full citizenship for all, regardless of race.

By the time she reached her teenage years, she had lost both of her parents.On October 9, 1917, Hartford’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was born with Seymour serving as the organization’s spokesperson.The years following the foundation of Hartford’s NAACP were some of Seymour’s most active.Around the same time, she also joined the Colored Women’s League of Hartford.

In 1918, she expanded her community organizing efforts and helped form Hartford’s equal rights advocacy chapter of the Circle for Negro War Relief, Inc.

Here, she helped Negro soldiers’ families during the war.


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