Mariacarla boscono dating


So she understands that, but I don't think she knows what it really means. She doesn't have one of North West's lace bodysuits—not yet.

My parents got her campaign photo framed as a present from Riccardo [Tisci] and [photographers] Mert & Marcus. She has a lot of Givenchy T-shirts which she loves. I'm never nervous around anyone, which I think is a real key to my success.

How do you feel about the whole dress-over-pants thing? "Like, you wear a vintage dress, and then you wear jeans or pants underneath.

But also in summer, I would never leave my leather jacket and leather boots behind, even if it's 70 degrees.

Does your daughter understand anything about fashion yet?

She knows Mommy is a model, and Mommy is in magazines. You started very young, and one of your first jobs was with Kate Moss.


But I think my projects will be a little bit around fashion. For some reason, they're very comfortable and they're very easy for me to wear.

So I didn't feel shy or weird about promoting their styles because I wear them anyway.


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