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Thus, other than being attractive, boys like YT for her open-mindedness.While the reason could be dismissed as typical young behavior, YT does not like a Female Discovery (FD), who was noticed in a reality show.Unlike YT, who has no love team, FD was immediately paired off with Cutie Personality (CP).One time, CP found himself having to spend the night at the home of YT because it was quite late to go home.Given the circumstance, he ended up in the bedroom of YT.The network thought that FD and CP had chemistry, and fans were receptive of this new pair.To get one over FD, YT invited the peer group of CP to her house.

The next morning, when they met at the network, YT and CP were casual at each other, as though nothing happened in the confines of their privacy.Meanwhile, FD seems clueless that something happened between her reel and rumored real partner and her low profile enemy.After an alleged episode that could have affected her entire career, Youthful Talent (YT) has much to be thankful for.First on this list is that her network did not drop her during those dark days.

Second, she seems to be undergoing changes in her image that could bump off the fiasco.

While waiting for the next major assignment, YT has opted to reinvent herself by moving into a more mature phase. The effect of repackaging YT is that she seems to have become more attractive to the male talents of her network. However, behind her attempt to project a classy aura is a personality that could sow hatred.


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