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In addition, please observe these guidelines: among men who have sex with men. If men into frot become as promiscuous as men into anal have been, frot will lose its innocence and joy and become yet another vector for STDs. Promiscuity is physically dangerous and, for most people, pyschologically debilitating. | Cockrub Warriors of Mars | The Avenger | Antagony | TUFF GUYZ | Musings of a BGM | | Warriors Speak | Ask Sensei Patrick | Warrior Fiction | Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution | Sex Between Men: An Activity, Not A Condition | | Heroes Site Guide | Toward a New Concept of M2M | What Sex Is |In Search of an Heroic Friend | Masculinity and Spirit | | Jocks and Cocks | Gilgamesh | The Greeks | Hoplites!

The Men of the Alliance ask guys who use the club to familiarize themselves with our goals as expressed on our Fidelity Alliance page, the Alliance home page, and Heroic Homosex: Toward a New Concept of M2M. Posts which indicate that a person is looking for multiple partners will not be accepted. Posts should read "looking for 'a friend,' 'a buddy,' 'a guy'." Men who are partnered with women are encouraged to post provided they too limit themselves to one male partner. Frot Club is for guys who are passionate about frot and not into anal. | The Warrior Bond | Nude Combat | Phallic, Masculine, Heroic | Reading | | Heroic Homosex Home | Cockrub Warriors Home | Heroes Home | Story of Bill and Brett Home | Frot Club Home | | Definitions | FAQs | Join Us | Contact Us | Tell Your Story | © All material on this site Copyright 2001 - 2011 by Bill Weintraub.

Discretion is necessary fit41 Happily married man in southeast idaho looking for first cock2cock experience and j/o buddy. One who is not afraid to be close to a person and build a friendship. Kent Please remember, in composing your post, that our boards are for guys looking for an LTR or a long-term Frot buddy. Posts which violate these guidelines will not be accepted.



We’re really excited about introducing you to this shop and the artisan who runs it. I always use high-quality fabrics and I only add items that I’m sure will be considered unique and beautiful.I love the whole concept of creating and sharing my creations with other people and that’s why I always do my best to deliver the best! It’s just amazing when people choose to wear the products you created with love and care! I decided to start my own Etsy shop recently and I’m also building up my own personal webpage, which will be available within the next three months.In his shop, MAN2MAN, you can find a selection of cowls, scarves, and neckties that are created from the finest materials using high-end construction methods. Tell the Handmade Men readers a little bit about you and your shop…Each piece is truly unique, and there’s something to match any guy’s style. I created the MAN2MAN label to can offer a variety of handmade men’s accessories to people who seek unique and high-quality items to enrich their outfits and style.

60, out, fit, active, professional - seeking a younger man to celebrate masculine sex, manbonding - not just sex, looking for a relationship of events, meals, journeys, talks, heart - you have to be out there somewhere!!!

north idaho - but can travel easily to washington, montana, british columbia (southeast) doug PS To learn more about me, ck out my Personal Stories post married and the coming of OUT New to this type of thing and looking for the right guy to share some phallic bonding with.


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    Our package includes horoscopes, games, internet search, chat safety page, and our FB page.

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