Mac disk utility updating boot support partitions

1.5 MB disk2s2 diskutil info /volumes/data Device Identifier: disk0s3 Device Node: disk0s3 Part of Whole: disk0 Device / Media Name: Untitled Volume Name: DATA Escaped with Unicode: DATA Mounted: Yes Mount Point: /Volumes/DATA Escaped with Unicode: /Volumes/DATA File System Personality: Journaled HFS+ Type (Bundle): hfs Name (User Visible): Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Journal: Journal size 8192 KB at offset 0xbd000 Owners: Enabled Partition Type: Apple_HFS OS Can Be Installed: Yes Media Type: Generic Protocol: SATA SMART Status: Verified Volume UUID: 87D2C53E-7563-3207-B019-528AC90F0B7E Total Size: 32.0 GB (32000000000 Bytes) (exactly 62500000 Blocks) Volume Free Space: 13.7 GB (13705142272 Bytes) (exactly 26767856 Blocks) Device Block Size: 512 Bytes Read-Only Media: No Read-Only Volume: No Ejectable: No Whole: No Internal: Yes Solid State: No sudo diskutil info disk0s9|g UUID Volume UUID: D8FF2FE7-2E62-33BB-AAAE-88FE9C876849 Disk / Partition UUID: 9430124A-D283-474B-A076-9ABC354B5019 External firewire: sudo /usr/sbin/Diskutil info disk1 Whole: Yes Device / Media Name: WD Content (IOContent): Apple_partition_scheme Protocol: Fire Wire Total Size: 500.1 GB (500107862016 Bytes) (exactly 976773168 512-Byte-Units) Device Block Size: 512 Bytes /dev/disk1s3 468725256 421789664 46935592 90% 105447414 11733898 90% /Volumes/DGerman1a /dev/disk1s5 19399144 17794392 1604752 92% 4448596 401188 92% /Volumes/DGerman1b Whole: No Part of Whole: disk1 Device / Media Name: Apple_HFS_Untitled_1 Volume Name: DGerman1a Mounted: Yes Mount Point: /Volumes/DGerman1a File System Personality: Journaled HFS+ Type (Bundle): hfs Name (User Visible): Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Journal: Journal size 40960 KB at offset 0xe90000 Owners: Enabled Partition Type: Apple_HFS OS Can Be Installed: No Media Type: Generic Protocol: Fire Wire SMART Status: Not Supported Volume UUID: B2BA3CA8-984F-39F5-8A16-261BCBC2CE28 Total Size: 480.0 GB (479974662144 Bytes) (exactly 937450512 512-Byte-Units) Volume Free Space: 48.1 GB (48062046208 Bytes) (exactly 93871184 `512-Byte-Units) Device Block Size: 512 Bytes Allocation Block Size: 4096 Bytes Volume Name: DGerman1b Journal: Journal size 8192 KB at offset 0x97000 Owners: Disabled Volume UUID: 197341EC-7AA0-370A-8551-5644467E4753 Total Size: 19.9 GB (19864723456 Bytes) (exactly 38798288 512-Byte-Units) Volume Free Space: 1.6 GB (1643266048 Bytes) (exactly 3209504 512-Byte-Units) Continuously display system-wide disk manipulation activity as reported by the Disk Arbitration framework, Coming on-line, being ejected, volumes being mounted or unmounted, volumes being renamed, etc.

until interrupted with a signal (For example typing Control-C).

Provides information about, and allows the administration of, the partitioning scheme of disks, optical discs, and RAID sets. EFI or booter partitions, or APM partition map data).

The forms for optical session and partition are the same and are distinguished by context. floppy disks, RAID sets) contain filesystem data upon their "whole" device instead of containing a partitioning scheme with partitions.

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The top-to-botom appearance of partitions shows the on-disk ordering.

Disk identifiers need not appear in slice-numerical order.

Options which make changes require ownership or root and most are DESTRUCTIVE!

Manipulates the volume-level structure of local disks. It may contain specialized data for database programs, or data required for the system software (e.g.

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Command line Utility to manage local disks and volumes.


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