Live sex chats recorded


I don’t know if it is the case with all the camgirls websites.

If a camgirl would decide to record their customers, the hard drive would be full within two days because it takes a lot of storage to record all chat sessions.

From what i have seen, i have understood that recordings are more likely to happen in a skype chat because the chat session is expected.

No webcam girls would ever buy an external hard disk to record customers.

They already barely invest that much into sex toys. The web application on the webcam girl side is very similar to the web application on the user side.

If the copy paste does not work on the user side, it will not work on the webcam girl side.

For sure, there is no feature in those web application as logs or text files since they are adobe flash applications on browsers.

They easily close camgirls profiles when customers complain about one of them. The only real threat was when i saw a camgirl taking pictures of her screen.

First of all, i have read privacy policies from the major live sex chat websites like,, camcontacts and streamate. After several years of using adult webcam chats, i have never been blackmailed.I do think that the adult webcam chat websites i have talked before are rather relentless with camgirls.The big webcam companies behind jasmin, imlive, camcontacts have no benefits creating such a feature.If the copy paste would work, do you imagine a webcam girl copying and pasting lines and lines of text to the notepad every x seconds?


When a camgirl works for a studio, it is really not going to happen because the computers are limited by the studio owner just like at a office.

Many webcam studio owners don’t let the camgirls installing malwares on the computer. They don’t want to have trouble with adult cam chats users.


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