Linxdating com single parent dating harrison idaho

That’s just what you have to do when you are invited to join Linx, an exclusive dating service located in the Silicon Valley.This off line old world style dating service is done by referral only.Its members are of a very specific demographic, but most importantly they are all well educated graduates who are successful.The brains or should I say the beauty and the brains behind Linx is Founder, Amy Andersen.Linx has a high standard that must be meet by their clients. It seem that most of the 300 plus women are from the San Francisco area, and the men some 300 plus are from Silicon Valley.Amy prides herself on her ability to pair people together. Amy says she sees success on a daily basis, and that is because she is very vocal on what her client must do or change to have success.


It wasn't until some said I'll pay you, that the business started to spin.

Today Linx has some 650 members that may pay between ,000 to be set up on 8 introductions/dates over a 24 month period or if you opt for the concierge type service which could run you up to ,000.


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