Life insurance backdating in kansas


Variable life and variable annuity options are distributed through Sunset Financial Services Inc. The Kansas City Life Insurance Company name was adopted in 1900.

Kansas City Life's wholly owned broker/dealer subsidiary. The Company began issuing policies in small amounts from an office in the Scheidley Building, located at Ninth and Main Streets in Kansas City, Mo. A (Excellent) companies have a strong ability to meet their obligations to policyowners over a long period of time." A. Best also assigned the Company's outlook as stable.

Kansas City Life Insurance Company is a public insurance company established in 1895 and located in Kansas City, Missouri.

The company's 1,400 agents market individual life, annuity and group products through agencies located in 48 US states and the District of Columbia.

Variable life, variable annuities, mutual funds and other investment options are offered through a subsidiary, Sunset Financial Services.

The Kansas City Life Group of Companies: Kansas City Life Insurance Company was established in 1895 in Kansas City, Mo.

with agency force of more than 2,500 and more than 150 general agencies serves 48 states and the District of Columbia.

We insure more than half a million policyholders from coast to coast. Company markets individual life, annuity and group products through general agencies located throughout the United States. Rumble conceived the idea of forming a life insurance company in the "heart of America." At the time, Kansas City was known as the Athens of the West and was the second largest city in the western half of the United States; only San Francisco was larger.



Originally chartered as Bankers Life Association on May 1, 1895, the Company was founded by Major William Warner, President; J. In 1897, the Company moved to the Navajo Building, then the Rialto Building, where it remained until 1924 when the Company moved to its present location. Best, "A (Excellent) is assigned to companies which, in our opinion, have demonstrated excellent overall performance when compared to the standards established by A.

The Home Office sits on approximately five acres of land purchased for 0,000.

Built for million, the building was dedicated on Aug.

With just a little bit of love--along with ample sunlight and fertile soil--you can grow sunflowers that make passersby stop and gawk. In the Sunflower State, just a little love, in the form of a low monthly premium, gives an ample benefit to your family.

Kansas life insurance is a flower for the future, and it doesn't cost much when you look online for a Kansas life insurance quote.Kansas Costs Right up front, you can surmise that a 28-year-old Kansas woman will get a lower quote than a 43-year-old woman.


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