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From secret parties to yogi gatherings, Meetup has been one of the best platforms to meet groups of like-minded lezzies from your area.

There’s literally something for everyone, but how do you know which ones are actually active?

But for those into evening shenanigans, there’s happy hour and game night. Bigger nights get capped at 50 and sell out pretty quickly so make sure you get in early.

Where is the best location to meet women, SF or Oakland?And which ones are going to have some great bae’s to meet?In celebration of our , we’ve pulled together a 2 post special on the best Meetups of the Bay Area. Hosting some of the best parties and greatest new coffee spots, the East Bay is becoming a little honey pot for queer women.So we’ve created a “hella tight” list of the East Bays’ best Meetups to save you search time and that awkward situ when it’s just you and an organizer.

San Francisco city team – don’t you worry – the follow up post will be coming out soon, you can save your Bart money for drinks. : A larger LGBTQQ Meetup group, this crew are about being social, getting on with lots of laughing and enjoying life.

The meet ups are focused around socializing and getting a chance to chat with others – think hiking and lots of outdoor activities. : The crowd is typically in the 27-40 age group and the size of each meet up is around 30-40 women.



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    We don't take all credits for doing this, what we are doing here is just compiling all of the code hackers hard work.

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    You may be concerned that the NSA is reading your e-mail. We’ve all just forgotten because, you know, webapps-n-stuff.

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