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Im.a Christian i sing in the choir i play keyboard and im also a gym addict i love dancing im.hispanic i speak Spanish and english i love dancing to cumbia salsa merengue enjoy listening to romanticas and also like english to pop and 80s like the smiths and the cure madonna etc.Well it's so many things about me I really don't know where to start but I guess I'll start by saying I'm a very outgoing lovable kind-hearted goofy type person I like to have fun I like to enjoy myself and I like to stay away from negativity and drama anything that doesn't mean me well I don't …Intersted in getting to know someone preferred a female who is ambitious & has motivation.Drama free and single would like to get to know her and be ad enter looking for someone who is stable and is serious about a relationship I am very healthy and looking for a healthy relationship filled with kindness, love, mutual support, physical expression, creativity, and a lot of fun!I'm currently working on a fantasy YA novel that's purpose is to give queer girls a story where they can finally see the characters they identify with get a happy ending.



I know myself well, therefore I know what I need, want, like and love on the other hand I also know what I don't need, want, like or love.I do have kiddos and no they are absolutely not apart of any non …



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