Laura mary carter hot


The riffs that open '' could easily be mistaken for a Band of Skulls track, and when Steven Ansell joins in for vocal duties, the male-female shared vocals merely stands to affirm this comparison.

However, this is where any similarities end as the overall sound is far dirtier and grungier.

' storms in with aggressive riffs and determined drum beats and these are sustained at a heady pace for the three minute duration.

The snarling guitar compliments yet contrasts perfectly with the vocals, with the heavier style highlighting joint-lead singer Laura-Mary Carter's harmonic tones.

The short verses and instrumental bridges lead into extended choruses as the song is surged through with abrasive determination.

Final track '' has them displaying anything but, as the duo are hard at work thrashing out frenetic riffs and steadfast vocals.

The pace is unrelenting and, even when the roar of guitars starts to fade out and you think the pair is taking a well-earned breather, they propel themselves back in, with even greater fervor and intensity than previously.And as vehemently as it began, 'The Water' has run through before you know it.


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