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– One pair that used to be romantically involved: Canada’s Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison. Awkwaaaaaard.) – One skater who had given up her citizenship to train in the home country of her chosen coach: Yuko Kavaguti, formerly of Japan, skating for Russia.

– One couple who dressed as clowns for their short program, including huge buttons and neck ruffs.

No one will ever remember their bronze medal; it will only ever be, “Man, remember that clown skate? ” – The low-seeded American couple Evora and Ladwig delivered an amazing short program.

(I remember it being fall-free, but since I can’t currently watch the replay, I don’t know about this.) It was expressive, musical, and full of what looked like tough lifts.

Today, two great tastes that taste great together: Olympic Pairs skating, and the greatest sports movie ever made, The Cutting Edge. Poor thing; let’s give her a boyfriend to help her with that.” On the other hand, it is a movie that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about pairs skating, so at least it’s useful!

Here’s the thing about The Cutting Edge: it’s a seriously early-90s movie, as evidenced by D. It will be especially useful when applied to the Pairs event that just wrapped at the Vancouver Olympics. ” Things we know about pairs skating from The Cutting Edge: – You can have a tempestuous relationship on the ice and still do well, unless you’re in love and can’t admit it, at which point your relationship will go downhill until a key moment when you rally, admit your feelings, and do spectacularly well against all odds. – You will be exhausted all the time from your training. – If you are a dude, your costume will look laughable unless you fight them to be able to wear something more subdued.

) Evora and Ladwig’s long program had two mistakes, but was, again, very finished and elegant and skated with great feeling.


They ended up behind so many couples whose programs weren’t as good that the American announcers were, by the end, expressing open disbelief at the “generous” scores some couples were getting.(It was very sweet of them to pretend to be surprised, I guess!


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