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John said Cheyenne had lots of friends at school in Thunder Bay, was bubbly and sociable.

Woven into this and so very many stories of loss is the question, why have so many of Canada's aboriginal women gone missing or been murdered?

Aboriginal women make up little over four percent of the country's female population, yet account for around 16 percent of female homicides.

Leaving indigenous reserves, more problems could lie ahead in Canada's cities, she said. If you take somewhere like Toronto and Vancouver, you're lost." In their home outside Toronto, John Fox shared pictures of his daughter Cheyenne.



The removal of over 150,000 aboriginal children from their families to residential schools, places that became notorious for abuse.On a drive through the Fort William First Nation Reserve outside the Ontario city of Thunder Bay, former Chief Georjann Morriseau described how this policy has impacted on generations, up until the present time.


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