Koo dating Camlive nl

The two sparked a national phenomenon with their Al Dub drama, which followed the twisting and winding relationship between Alden and Yaya Dub and all the obstacles that fell into their path.The show drew millions of fans to watch each day and got as many as 40 million tweets for their daily hashtags.“She not only sent a coffee truck, she sent a snack truck too.She’s the best partner,” he said, prompting fans to jump on his wording and speculate that he was confirming their romantic relationship.


Many vows to gave their full support to the program and Al DUb love team. However, bashers criticized the new romance saying that it was a gimmick to revive the fading popularity of the Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza ‘Al Dub’ love team in Kalye Serye.”, which is reportedly still up for renewal for a second season.

In a red carpet interview, he noted how Song Hye-Kyo sent him a gift during filming for .

In doing so, he may have also revealed that the two are now more than just co-stars.

When asked about the alleged relationship, Song Joong-Ki has always been careful about his wording.

Now, as the ratings for the extended soap opera leveled off and Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards have moved on with other projects, it appears that the two became a couple in real life.

Their new relationship left many fans thrilled, but also brought some doubt.



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