Koba brighton speed dating Sexy video chat no log in or download

I attended one of your speed dating events last November, and 'what do you know', I've been dating one of my matches for 3 months now!

If it wasn't for Pink Date who knows where I would be right now... So a big thank you must go to you and the Pink Date Team!

I'm now recommending speed dating to all my single friends. Martine London I wanted to congratulate Liz on a great evening.

I have worked in tourism, sales and customer service for nearly 20 years. Despite being a little nervous at the start I loosened up after a couple of beers and a reassuring chat with Sandra. I met a great guy that night and we have been out numerous times since.



Jenny, London I attended your speeddating event last night and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.Everything was very well done, and Liz was superb, friendly, professional and fun. I can't believe that 6 out of 10 guys have matched with me. I'll certainly be telling my mates of your great service.' Lesley, Brighton Lesley, Brighton'Have to tell you that I have been laughing so much since Saturday night at The Shadow Lounge - I had a great time. You must have had a rush from all the positive energy in the room'.



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