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Related: Viola Discusses Her Experiences With Sexual Assault While Mc Cord has spoken out on on her traumatic experience before, this is the first time she has candidly addressed the romantic fallout she faced following the violation. blames the downfall of her life with Lutz entirely on her trauma.According to the actress, emotional pain she felt after the incident seeped into her relationships in a very negative way. Speaking on the hurtful breakup, Anna Lynne explained: "I could have had some better relationships.


I was with someone not long after this happened who I was on and off with for a couple years — Kellan Lutz.

The star donned an interesting strapless number for the festivities.

I was with Kellan Lutz, and I never trusted that he actually loved me.

And he loved me so much." Great minds think alike, we suppose!

Sounds like a romantic date…check back with us for more!, Anna Lynne Mc Cord opened up on her painful sexual assault and how it affected her three-year relationship with ex-boyfriend Kellan Lutz.


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