Kelis who is she dating quantum endowment fund liquidating

She thinks about the future too much and wonders if she should just go along with what the family has been doing for a long time?

Kelis is just a child in the Sims but she already has showed some potential to even becoming mayor some day.

The first child prodigy besides Nadia in the Saint household, Kelis often wonders why her family still will not end their feud with the Goths.

She feels intimidated by Cassandra ever since going out with the man she is going to marry.

Her hobbies are playing with friends and Loki, watching the fish, reading, and looking through the telescope.

Years in her young adult life she wanted to go around the world but her father cut her off twice refusing to give her even a penny.This angered her even more, causing her to become enemies with him.


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