Kannada bellary aunty video

She has appeared in over 500 films, including films in the Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Marathi languages.

Kannada film industry honored her with the title "Abhinaya Sharadhe" meaning Goddess Sharada in acting.


Jayanthi was shattered after the episode but promised herself that one day she would prove her worth. This was the first film that paired Raj and Jayanthi.

She enjoyed a good run in the Kannada Film industry and formed very good pair with the famous actor and doyen of Kannada Cinema Dr. Incidentally this was actress Chandrakala's first film as well. Her next major film was T V Singh Thakur's Chandavalliya Thota. Based on Ta Ra Su's novel by the same name, Chandavalliya Thota was a huge success and even won the President's Medal for best film.



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