Justin dating jasmine

All throughtout October, Selena was everywhere only because of Justin. Basically, the plan is to keep denying stuff which will make the media talk more and more. And I love how Selena acts as if Justin is a personal friend because she keeps saying “Oh I’ve known him for so long” and blah blah even though the only time you are seen with him before October (aka before you broke him and his girlfirend up for your career) was at events. She looks out of place on a guys night and she was randomly with Justin on Halloween even though he has a girlfriend. And their managements didn’t care if it broke Justin and Jasmine up. Also, in which the video is closened on Justin, it was shot AFTER the actual video because in the regular still, Selena’s finger is on Justin’s face and in the closened up still, it’s not. Well Mandy is Selena’s manager so she pushes Selena into things all the time.

Adding even more reason to believe there's something brewing between them, Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas seem to be getting closer each day.


It’s unfortunate that nutjobs love to follow celebrities, but now Jasmine Villegas has been granted a reprieve from worrying about her stalker.

According to a report, the 17-year-old singer/star of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video was given a three year restraining order against Steven Cintron this week.

Fresh off of celebrating his guitarist's wedding, Justin Bieber made his way to perform a few shows in Hawaii over the weekend.

Making the most of his downtime, the "Baby" singer tossed on his swim trunks as he joined rumored girlfriend Jasmine Villegas for a boating excursion on Friday (October 8).

Jasmine and Justin dated for a while as Jasmine confirmed in 2012, but the reason why they weren’t exactly public, was because Jasmine wanted to be respectful for his Beliebers. And Justin said that he was dating Jasmine when he met Selena.

(x)They’re caught making out in a car on September 16And then he takes her out to Hawaii on October 10And that was sorta the last we saw of them hanging out regardless of the fact that she was on tour with him for a while. and here……Out of all of those three videos, Selena is asked about Justin and she replies along these lines “He’s a dork” “He’s little” “He’s my little brother”The responses are so fake in the last video with her on Ellen. Selena was getting headlines & promo when being with Justin. However, when you watch the video, after she holds up her phone, it is closened up on the sticker of Justin LMAOOOOOOOO LIKE HOW MORE OBVIOUS CAN YOU GET THAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO THINK YOU HAVE A THING WITH HIM???



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