Jethro dating a stripper

The coke-fueled era of the 1980s in Hollywood was filled with more high school movies about slackers and smartasses than anyone actually needed, especially when it came to featuring students who looked like they were older than the teachers.

(Via Roger, and the opening of the film features a school’s teachers trying to haul ass after the bell on the last day of the semester so they don’t get suckered into teaching the titular course, get up and walk out. It’s depressing to think that so many young people actually enjoy this trash.Leave the movie for those of us who love to watch stupid movies and go to the next theater to watch and analyze Nothing but trash. This movie is immediately available from NF while so many more interesting ones languish in the ‘saved’ section, or in ‘short wait’, ‘long wait’, or ‘very long wait’ status.


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