Jayam ravi dating absolutly senior dating

Yet another interesting aspect is that Prabhu Deva directed Ravi and Hansika for Engeyum Kaadhal five years ago.Lakshman speaks to DC about why he repeated his Romeo Juliet pair, and spills the beans about their characters in the film, and more. He was the one who gave me recognition in Tamil cinema. And honestly, Hansika has a lot of scope to perform in this film, and she is the perfect choice,” Lakshman quips.


“While Ravi plays a cop, he has a dual-dimensional role.

He will be a hero in the first half, and a villain in the latter part.

The super hit combo of Jayam Ravi-Hansika, as well as Arvind Swami and director Lakshman are coming together for a film titled Bogan.

Producing the big budget flick is none other than Prabhu Deva, under his banner.

Arvind plays a former prince, and Hansika plays a homemaker,” Lakshman adds. “Bogan means one who is addicted to worldly pleasures,” he says.

We ask ‘who is the ‘Bogan’ here — Ravi or Arvind Swami?



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