Jay z and aaliyah dating

See what Dame says happened with both him and Jay-Z dating Aaliyah next.ILOSM fam, Election Day is upon us and, of course, the whole day will be filled with drama and news reports keeping Americans updated with changes during the election. READ MORE Okay ILOSM fam,’ let’s see how Old School you really are.Remember the “Sanford N’ Son” episode when “Fred” and his friends decided live life to the fullest and invited some young ladies from ‘Magic ?READ MORE ILOSM fam’ y’all know Ginuwine and his newly EX-wife/former rapper, Sole,’ go back like Caleco Vision and Donkey Kong, they were married for 13 years.



Damon Dash, currently working on his relationship with his brothers Bobby and Jeremy on Family Therapy, might have firsthand information when it comes to the “Becky with the good” hair that Beyoncé sang about in “Sorry” on Lemonade.Keep reading for our more thorough timeline of the relationships that might just have inspired one of 2016’s biggest pop culture moments yet.



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