James mcavoys character in the bbc updating of macbeth

Macbeth, King of Scotland How it happens in Shakespeare: Macbeth kills King Duncan in his sleep and assumes role as King. How it really happened: Macbeth is believed to have killed King Duncan in battle near Elgin in 1040. He died in the Battle of Lumphanan at the hands of the future Malcolm III.

When Macduff invades the castle, he beheads Macbeth. He was buried on the Isle of Iona where the other kings of Scotland were buried.

How it really happened: He became king in 1483 after taking the throne from his nephew Edward V.

At Bosworth Field in the last battle of the War of the Roses, he lost his life to Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, who became Henry VII. His remains were found at in a parking lot in September 2012 and verified today.

After tracking down Richard’s living ancestors, a DNA test was applied to verify that the remains, in fact, are those of the 15th century ruler.

While it was known that Richard III died at Bosworth Field in 1485, this exact location had been lost.

He becomes increasingly paranoid and loses popularity.

He goes into battle at Bosworth Field where he is deserted and killed by Richmond (Henry Tudor), who becomes Henry VII.



In September 2012, these remains were discovered at a car park in Leicester.

John, King of England How it happens in Shakespeare: King Philip II of France wants King John to renounce the throne to Arthur, who Philip believes is the rightful heir.

Aside from this recent discovery, the most people know about this king is what is captured in Shakespeare’s play of the same name.

We look at how the deaths of some of Shakespeare’s greatest historical characters match up with their true endings.

Richard III How it happens in Shakespeare: When his brother King Edward IV dies, Richard becomes the Protector of his nephews.

He leads them to an extended stay in the Tower of London and names himself King.



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