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WATCH: Josh Groban Talks Movie Magic "I'm very lucky my girlfriend has joined me tonight," he told ET. So I'm going to do some extra warmups tonight so I don't suck." How could that even be possible? "I mean, just kind of like, we joke sing all the time, you know, we just, we harmonize on the radio, but no I haven't really done, it always seems like a cheesy move on my part. Rumors have been circulating that Josh Groban “is engaged to his girlfriend” Some reports online claim the duo were spotted “shopping for engagement rings, and eying some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores — especially major diamond baubles that could only be described as the kind usually slipped on a woman’s left-hand ring finger.” PREVIOUS: Josh Groban Visits Kids With Cancer Sources who claim to be close to the couple reveal they’re “convinced an engagement is inevitable.He’s madly in love with her.” This would be such a great love story…if it were actually true.Check out 31 couples who've already split this year. In case you forgot, the twosome became official back in October 2014 when they hit the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills together.Related: Lindsay Lohan Still Intends To Marry Egor Tarabasov!But what you may not know is that he's one of those people who can sit at a piano and play anything, anything off the top of his [head] …


Rumor Fix reached out to a rep for the 32-year-old singer who tells us that not only is Josh “absolutely not engaged,” but he’s a single man!

Kat Dennings, 28, and, far from keeping it a secret, they both are proud to "ship it." Both Groban and Dennings posted pictures on Instagram and confirmed their relationship with the captions, "I ship it." NEWS: Josh Groban Talks Dating Katy Perry These photos were taken at the Carousel of Hope Ball, and ET dished with Groban thereabout his new relationship.

Kat Dennings and her boyfriend of nearly two years, Josh Groban, have called it quits, E! According to a friend close to the pair, "It was a mutual breakup.

They are still friends and care about each other, but it's not the right time for them now as a couple." The 2 Broke Girls star and the "You Raise Me Up" singer first went public with their relationship at the Beverly Hills Carousel of Hope Ball back in October 2014.


We're honestly heartbroken to learn these two have broken up, especially after they both gushed about each other to Ellen De Generes.

Just last year, Groban told the daytime TV queen: "Obviously you know how talented and amazing [Groban] is.


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