Is cassie dating diddy advice on dating someone younger


The cops came, Cassie explained her phone was returned, and they left, though they did write up a domestic incident report.Just this past May, Diddy and Cassie were spotted at his Bad Boy Reunion Tour and she wished him well on Instagram, saying how much of an inspiration he’s been to her life.Apparently, this isn’t the first time there’s been a bit of drama between Cassie and Diddy, but here’s hoping that in the future, cooler heads prevail.The birthday girl showed up with her long blonde locks style big and up, with a yellow ensemble and fishnets, while Jay-Z wore a patterned shirt with black pants and boots, and a set of gold necklaces.File this under cheapest proposal ever -- Diddy (who's worth a reported 0 million) may have popped the question to his longtime GF Cassie ... Along with the photo, he wrote the caption: "Baby do you like it? I just wanna Mk you smile :)" Cassie (who's been dating Diddy since 2007) responded, "It's perfect!

but rather than renting out a baseball stadium and proposing in front of an orchestra, Diddy posted a photo of the ring on Instagram for his 3.2 million followers.

"Hours later, Keyshia Cole posted a photo of Cassie showing off the rock ...


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