Introverted singles dating

I want to know if I need to let him take things slowly because he might be a little inexperienced or otherwise.I’m thinking that by knowing his dating past, it will give me a decent sense of his mindset at this point.Looking for real relationship advice that relates to to who you are? Say hello to Jasbina Ahluwalia, the nation’s only South Asian-American matchmaker!Jasbina has the know-how and cultural sensitivity that has made her the foremost source for commitment-minded singles looking to get hitched.Are you happy with the way you feel when the two of you are together, the level of exclusivity of the relationship, the amount of time you spend together and the level of interest he shows in you?Also, are you aware of each other’s “deal breakers” — anything at this time that may ultimately make it difficult for the relationship to continue moving forward?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions and are content with the pace of the relationship, I suggest focusing on the present, continuing to enjoy the relationship unfolding and regularly expressing to your guy how much you enjoy being with him.The more he feels like his life is better with you in it, the more invested he will be in the relationship.


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