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In tamil nadu, transformation of male to female gender is more common than the opposite one.

So, some of our semi illiterate people picked up the nine in feminine and soon it was then spread it as "ombothu". In one of our class in school, our english teacher started talking about transgender and their problems.

Confound, confuse, dis- compose, bewilder, daunt, cow, hum- ble, disconcert, dishearten, moitlty, shame, humiliate. Countenance, cheer, uphold, encourage, rally, inspirit, animate, in- cite, embolden, abet, buoy.

Degrade, disgrace, bring low, reduce, humble, demean, stoop, humiliate, depress, lower, sink, dis- honor. Promote, exalt, honor, raise, elevate, dignify, aggrandize.

Degradation, de- pression, disgrace, humiliation, ab- jection, dishonor, shame. Promotion, elevation, honor, exaltation, dignity, aggrandizement.

L,ato Professor elect of Logic and Rhetoric in the University of Wisconsin, late Superintendent of Public Instruction State of Wisconsin, Ei-Presiaent Illinois Wesleyan University, Member of tho Philosophical Society of Great Britain, author of "The Sup- plemental Dictionary," "Hand Book of Abbreviations," &c. The special works of Roget, Soule, Skeats, Campbell, Archdeacon Smith, etc., and the various standard dic- tionaries, have been laid under contribution for this work.

The author believes that the Antonyms will be of as great assistance in furnishing words of opposite meaning as the Synonyms in supplying synonymous words. Backwards, rearwards, aft, abaft, astern, behind, back. Onwards, forwards, ahead, be- fore, afront, beyond, afore.




Aravanis are transgender who are masculine by birth but showing more feminine behavior and then do a physical modification to become a complete one.

In the early 19th century, to explain this behavior British called them as "Femi NINE males".


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