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In any case, this is not a space for taunting or bitterness—this is a space of love.So, let’s look at a handful of excellent romance novels set in this world in the present day which feature characters of many colours, by writers of colour.In romance novels, it seems easier for a person of colour to get a date with a were-lion than with a non-shifting human being.I guess if a reader is down with leonine loving, then stories featuring sex with Asian people aren’t so scary.


Imagine staffing a large North American hospital without African-Americans, East or South Asians (and no Jews, either).

Even with A-Rod on the team, this would never work.

Here’s the crux: As Alyssa Cole notes in the September, 2013, , mainstream romance novels featuring non-Caucasian characters generally do not sell well.

Editors from larger publishing houses, thus, do not acquire them as often.


There is one protagonist of colour named—unfortunately/hilariously—Alex Rodriguez.

I have a lot of sympathy for the poor writer who actually made an effort to include a Latino character, but what a mess.


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