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Just like the rest of their peers ages 18 to 34, black millennials have embraced online dating services like Ok Cupid and mobile applications such as Tinder, where users can simply “swipe right to like or left to pass” as they sift through their dating and, yes, hookup options.

Matchmaker and dating coach Paul Carrick Brunson predicts that by 2017, blacks’ per capita usage of mobile dating applications will be higher than that of any other ethnic group.

Young black Americans—enthusiastic adopters of mobile technology and drivers of the social media force that is “black Twitter”—will no doubt lead that charge.

Some might guess that this generation’s progressive outlook could merge with its embrace of technology to create a unique environment in which concerns about race take a backseat, making their search for love, if not colorblind, at least not color-defined.

So an awareness of minority status and all its trappings can dominate their thoughts, even in their digital rummaging for romantic and sexual connections.In recent years, studies based on dating sites Are You Interested?But even black Americans who want to date other black Americans, and are thus unconcerned with the potential low responses from other races, have issues to grapple with.Brunson adds that millennials of all backgrounds confront rampant dishonesty in online dating: His agency found that 51 percent of users are already in a relationship.

Another study concluded that blacks of all ages were 10 times more likely to initiate contact with whites on online dating sites than whites were to initiate contact with blacks.Ok Cupid’s study “How Race Affects the Messages You Get” found that black users received fewer responses to their overtures overall.


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