How to fix validating identity issue


In most cases, you might have simply mis-typed your address or did not use the proper format that matches the information on your driver’s license.If the address on your state issued ID says “XYZ Street, 8N”, don’t type “Apt 8N” or “Unit 8N”.


Most people started the application trail from the NYStateof Health. Gov website, where you’re sent to a “gov” location to create a “NYS GOV ID”, basically a username/password for government services.

Once you’re done you’re sent back to the NYStateof Health website, where you get stuck at the personal identity page.

Despite all the horror stories around the Affordable Care Act and Health, New Yorkers we were fortunate that the state government took responsibility for administering the website, and so far the New York site has been responding reasonably well.

That is until you reach the dreaded error message where your identity cannot be validated.


Instead, the solution is to start at the DMV Website!Register for a My DMV ID, which is basically signing up for a new NYS GOV ID via the DMV website.


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