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“I then decided to add a full-body pic with my wheelchair in strategic view,” she explains.

“I received NO (count ’em) responses…I guess the assumption is I must be sick, over-the-hill, inactive, pitiful, and of course non-sexual.” Not one to be deterred, Alana pursued dating on the site and connected with a wide variety of potential suitors.

“There are great guys everywhere…I know my Mister Right is looking for me too!

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“Most women find online dating difficult, however add a wheelchair into the mix and difficulty turns into something else indeed,” she explains.

The first few days I posted a headshot photo only,” she explains.

“I received more responses than I could keep up with.” However, explaining her disability after to the potential date was never received well.

Not all online dating experiences are glamorous or successful.

Alana Wallace, a wheelchair-user in her 60s, decided to give it a whirl.


be a bunch of people on it (mostly guys) who just want to hook up.

Usually, they’re so desperate for a quick bang that they don’t even hide their hope to score.



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