Hitler dating

Indeed Kubizek later claimed he had only one friend in life — and that was Adolf.

While Hitler was rejected from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Kubizek was accepted into the Vienna Conservatoire to study music.

Despite being the more successful of the two professionally at the time, Kubizek was only ever the sidekick and crony of the more strong-willed Hitler.

Kubizek dates Hitler’s infatuation with Stefanie — ‘which lasted four years, from the beginning of his 16th year’ — to an evening in the spring of 1905 when they went out for a stroll in the Landstrasse in Linz: "Adolf gripped my arm and asked me excitedly what I thought of that slim, blonde girl walking along arm-in-arm with her mother.

Much of Adolf Hitler’s early life — especially his late teenage years in the Austrian cities of Linz and Vienna — remains shrouded in obscurity and ambiguity. Now, nearly 70 years after it was written, his book The Young Hitler I Knew has finally been published in English in full.


And while there have been earlier versions — notably the heavily edited manuscript that was used by the Nazi party as an official biography — Kubizek’s uncensored account throws a fascinating light on the fanatical mind of the future Fuhrer.For it contains, for the first time, the full story of Hitler’s teenage obsession with a pretty girl called Stefanie Isak — whose surname has clear Jewish origins.And although Hitler’s distinguished biographer Sir Ian Kershaw has rightly dismissed Hitler’s feelings for Stefanie as 'a juvenile infatuation', the passion with which Hitler stalked her and fantasised about kidnapping and committing suicide with her lets us glimpse the mentality of the person he was destined to become.Furthermore, August Kubizek’s account reveals that Hitler was utterly unconcerned as to whether the girl after whom he lusted was Jewish or not.

Kubizek was a musician who, like Hitler, came from Linz.His account is indispensable as a source for Hitler’s early years, for it is the only description we have of that part of his life from a close, personal friend.



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