His size was intimidating

Thomas likes cooking, frequently using recipes off the internet. claiming it's all a ploy to shake down the rapper for million. He arrived seven weeks premature and weighed four pounds."I'm a kid in my head and joke around a lot and try to be silly," said Thomas, whom teammates call Solly."I tell people I was taken as a kid and raised by these animals." A communication major, Thomas calls Stanford "One of the best places on earth." His favorite spot on campus is the quad, where he likes to ride his bike by Memorial Church at night. He asked his mother to select his suits last month for the ESPYS in Los Angeles.Among the highlights: marveling up close at the size of Shaquille O'Neal and playing Pokemon GO.

"I don't know anyone else in the country more intense than him." Off the field, Thomas is kind, sensitive, polite, goofy and curious. "We thought since it was in the Palo Alto area, there would be a lot of nerds there," he said.

He has a soft spot for puppies and has had a crush on Beyoncé since fourth grade. Thomas believes in spirit animals and is partial to the hippo, gorilla and bear.



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