Hidan dating sim game

I was hoping that the owner of the cat would be someone important, but in the end it was just some random lady that had nothing to do with anything. There wasn't any romance in the episode either, it was just honestly, a time waster. Episode three seemed like another filler, but it became potentially good at the end when the mystery child returns to Jolly, and a part of Liberta's past revealed.Giving us a thought that this might get darker and more serious, with Jolly's "shady research" and the strange child returning to him.But when the story forces her to care, it's overblown, and she suddenly cares SO much, it's unrealistic.I wanted to drop the show after the second episode was ALREADY a filler, it was an episode, about a cat, just some random stupid cat, and really would you spend an entire day looking for an owner of a cat.With Liberta's mysterious power, the episode left me wanting to know.His successor will be determined by the Arcana Duello, a tournament between the various members possessing Arcana powers to see who is the strongest of them all.




They forge contracts with Tarocco, tarot cards based on the Major Arcana, to gain use of these powers, enabling them to deal with all threats to the island.The story of Arcana Famiglia begins with Mondo, the leader of the organization, declaring his retirement.



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