Henrik lundqvist dating princess

As it all ended yesterday…I was at a bachelorette party, for one of my best college girl friends.Fitting, as though one chapter of life was beginning, another one was ending for the New York Rangers. It was appropriate, in my opinion, given how the year would pan out.(Your Dream Interpretation) album had a song called “Dreaming of the Queen.” I realize now that the title and most of the lyrics were intentional, that they had used the parable of meeting both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, using dream sequences like being in the nude (I thought it might have been an Emperor’s New Clothes reference, but we’ve all had dreams about being naked in situations that didn’t warrant such an outfit).Even the song itself was about waking up from a dream, inconsolable that love had died. The album made a huge impact on me, personally, in the spring and summer of 1994.


Even we saw signs back in November, when my gal pal, Tracey, and I went to a Rangers game.

I buy a few tickets from Not Jeff Gorton each year, and this was my first game of the year.

This was the last time the Rangers won the Stanley Cup.

The album framed my first year of college, and was rounded out by Princess Diana’s tragic death as I was about to start my senior year.


Both the Rangers and Diana had an enormous impact on my life, and two events that I often intertwine with those life events.

(Think of when Kennedy was shot, or where you were on 9-11).



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