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Others say kissing is fine if there is some kind of emotional commitment. It no longer applies." Recently I taught a seminar on relationships.One question dominated: "How far can I go physically in a dating relationship without going too far?When you're in a dating relationship do you have the attitude "anything goes" or "if it feels good do it"? Some Christians say the Bible is clear about all sexually related behavior is wrong outside of marriage.


What do we need to know in order to avoid the pain?" With so many phases of a relationship and so many physical areas to consider, it is no wonder this question comes up over and over again among dating singles.People want to know the limits for a very simple reason.Sexual expression of our love for another person within God's context is an awesome, incredible experience.

Each of us is wired by the Creator to crave and respond to a mysterious and exciting mix of emotional and physical intimacy.Julia, who was twenty-one, started asking me questions about meeting my wife.


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